Author E.J. Harris is Today’s Honoree

EJHarrisBookCoverEast of Warsaw, a spellbinding book of suspense, romance, and adventure. E. J. Harris’s first novel is a rags-to-riches saga, depicting the love of family and the desire to live. Based on a true story, the work contains commending characters, most of whom are still alive today. Spanning the turbulent Second World War to the rich eighties, East of Warsaw will take you from tears of sadness to tears of joy, through poverty to financial success.

Joseph, a soldier, is sent to the border of Germany and Poland on the eve of Germany’s invasion of Europe. The young man is shot and left for dead among the corpses of his comrades. Despite horrific injuries, Joseph digs his way out of a supposed tomb. On a harsh trek to Russia, he is caught by the Soviets and sentenced to the dastardly labor camps of Siberia and Kazakhstan.

East of Warsaw is filled with suspenseful scenes of harrowing escapes, of finding love in a historically accurate account of one Polish Jew and his family’s extraordinary plight against the Nazis, the Russians, and the Poles. Neither Hitler nor Stalin stands a chance against Joseph and his family’s enduring spirit to overcome all odds.

About the Author:

E.J. Harris has written two books with the first one just coming on the market on January 20/15.  Both books are based on true stories, historical events and take place during the Holocaust 1939 to 1985.  Mr. Harris is a motivational speaker and lecturer.  He is an Ordained Chaplain and Rabbi and holds a doctorial in Divinity.

His specialty are Interfaith True Stories that are all verified as to their validity.  He has visited over 80 countries and confirms all that he speaks about his in lectures and speeches.

Visit E.J. Harris for more information.


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