Author Sean Lovedale is Today’s Honoree

TrueGiftLife is a continuous act of balance. Between work, family, friends, hobbies, spirituality and the many other happenings, the quest to live a fulfilling life is unending.

Sean Lovedale’s new book, “A True Gift,” is a humorous fiction novel, written from a Christian point of view, that aims to change the way people look at life’s situations by considering new possibilities for more positive outcomes.

“I write about common people and everyday situations,” Lovedale said. “These stories are all around us, if we have the lens to see them.”

With a deep curiosity for people and new adventures, these life experiences are what inspired Lovedale to write his stories, which are worth telling and reading.

“A True Gift “ offers a combination of short stories and poems that reflect life’s lessons and loving remember-whens. Lovedale’s stories point out the obvious and the not so obvious in hopes of provoking thought and reconsideration of the goodness and worthiness of people on the fringe of society.

About the Author:

Sean Lovedale grew up on a Kansas farm. As an adult, beginning at the age of sixteen, Lovedale traveled the nation working as a welder, oilfield roughneck, truck driver, and beef packing and construction worker.

Visit Sean Lovedale more information.

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