Author Neal Goldstein is Today’s Honoree

NealGoldsteinThe best reads are always those inspired by true life. Such is the case with Neal Goldstein’s eerie new crime thriller, Fishtown.

Philadelphia may be known as the “City of Brotherly Love,” but in Goldstein’s latest release, dark shadows fall on its bustling streets and vibrant neighborhoods in the form of an evil, mysterious murder. The sequel to Murder and Mayhem in Manayunk, Fishtown is a chilling, action-packed read, prompted by the heinous crimes of Philadelphia serial killer Gary Heidnik.

Native Philadelphian Goldstein has always been an avid reader of crime fiction, but was disappointed that more books in the genre didn’t take place in or accurately represent the city he knows and loves. His thrilling new series transports readers from wherever they are to the streets of Philly, taking them on a wild ride through hip Fishtown, among other unique neighborhoods, as two detectives attempt to solve mysterious murders while keeping their loved ones out of harms way.

The perfect chilling summer read full of nail-biting suspense, Fishtown expertly casts the city as a larger-than-life character and keeps readers turning the pages until the very end.

Neal Goldstein was born and raised in Philadelphia. He lives with his wife in Haverford, Pennsylvania. A graduate of Central High School, Temple University, and Temple University School of Law, he currently practices law in Philadelphia representing Labor Unions and employee benefit plans. Fishtown is the sequel to Murder and Mayhem in Manayunk. The third book in the series, Northern Liberties, is scheduled for publication in 2016. He is also the author of The Pa-La-ti-‘Shan.

Visit Neal Goldstein for more information.

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