Author Saul Levine, MD is Today’s Honoree


Just as we all need to consider our “Carbon Footprint” in relationship to the future of our world, the “Emotional Footprint” we leave on our loved ones, our community, and for the next generation is just as important.

This is the theory behind Professor Emeritus in Psychiatry Dr. Saul Levine’s new book, “Our Emotional Footprint,” a series of reality-inspired novellas that follow the life stories of 10 unique passengers in a single rail car. These fascinating individuals embody the extraordinary relationships, life changes and unexpected events that make up the “ordinary” human experience.

“Everyone has a unique story to tell about the highs and lows and the unexpected pathways they have experienced in life,” Dr. Levine said. “’Our Emotional Footprint’ demonstrates that ‘ordinary’ lives are indeed extraordinary, in fact, very much akin to the lives of the readers.”

One of the inspirations behind “Our Emotional Footprint” was Dr. Levine’s late father, whom escaped the brutalities in Europe prior to WWII and came to the “New World” as a young man. His father’s story is just one example of how remarkably resilient human beings can be in the face of adversity, a concept he explores further in his new book.

Through the stories of the 10 passengers in the rail car, readers take away the idea that a positive Emotional Footprint is enhancing to our health, a boon to society, and vital to our survival, while, conversely, a negative Emotional Footprint is unhealthy to individuals, hurtful to others, and dangerous to society.

“We all have choices as to how we handle both our successes and our losses,” Dr. Levine said. “We need to recognize the common bonds we share that make us integral parts of the family of humankind and help others by sharing our humanity with them.”

About the author:

Saul Levine, MD, is professor emeritus in psychiatry at the University of California at San Diego. He retired as professor of clinical psychiatry and head of the department of psychiatry at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego. Previously, he was professor of psychiatry and head of the department of psychiatry at Sunnybrook Health Science Centre at the University of Toronto. He continues to teach at the medical school, has a private psychotherapy practice with patients of all ages, and serves as an expert witness and mediator in family and civil disputes. Levine has published five previous books and is published widely in magazines, newspapers, and scholarly journals. He hosted a popular television show while he was a resident of Toronto, Canada. He is married, has three married sons and a teenage daughter, and is the proud grandfather of seven grandchildren.

Visit Saul Levine, MD for more information.

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