Life Coach Jess Grippo is Today’s Honoree

JessGrippoJess Grippo is a dancer, writer, inspirational speaker, and life coach. Essentially, her work is about dancing through life and helping others do the same.

But it wasn’t always this way – Having pushed aside her desire to dance for many years, Jess finally discovered true self-expression and creative fulfillment through making her own dance videos. She then started this blog to pass on the inspiration that her creative revival had brought her. Since that time she has won 2 awards for her dancing, produced and choreographed her own show, and was a recently featured TEDx speaker in her talk, “The Dance Less Travelled.”

In her coaching practice, Jess helps her clients unearth their buried passions, finally take ownership of their unique expression, and integrate their creativity into their lives. Graduates of her coaching programs have gone on to start dance companies and other kinds of creative businesses, to make career changes, to perform or publish their art, and to finally own the title “artist.”

If you’re curious to see how Jess can help YOU, write her a note and tell her you’d like to talk. (Even though this is written in the third person, there is a real human being on the other side of this text, I promise.

Visit Jess Grippo for more information.

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