Inneractions IOP Executive Director Loree Cohen is Today’s Honoree

LoreeCohenLoree Cohen is a licensed clinical social worker who has dedicated her
career to helping those who are suffering from addiction, abuse, depression,
anxiety and other life-challenging issues. For nearly three decades she has
utilized her knowledge, experience, humor and creativity to help those in
need, at any time of the day or night.

As the nation’s No. 1 health problem, addiction strains our economy,
healthcare system and criminal justice system while threatening job security
and public safety as well as marital and family life. Loree knows this all
too well. She learned about addiction very early, as she saw people close to
her fight that struggle. She saw how drugs changed behavior, personalities
and perceptions. And she wanted to be one of those people who was there to

Loree started her journey by earning an undergraduate degree in sociology
and landing her first job at a residential treatment center for adolescents.
There, she fell in love with her role as a counselor. She left to attend
graduate school where she obtained her master’s degree in social work from
the prestigious program at the University of Southern California. Later she
completed a rigorous certification program in human sexuality at UCLA.

Since then Loree has worked in a variety of capacities ranging from clinical
director for a large psychiatric facility, to helping in the development of
outpatient drug and alcohol programs as well as adult day healthcare
programs for the geriatric population. In 2013 Loree partnered with longtime
colleagues Angela Rukule, MFT, and Tracy Klass, CATC III, to open
inneractions, an intensive outpatient program in Woodland Hills, California.
As clinical director at inneractions, Loree runs the therapeutic portion of
the program. Today inneractions is a thriving clinic serving alcoholics,
addicts and their families who are eager to gain the insight, therapy and
education needed to make immediate and lasting change.

Visit Loree Cohen for more information.

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