NOIS²E Author Charlie Pederson is Today’s Honoree

NOISEAs 1 billion people will be added to the planet in less than 15 years, the time to address the worldwide water and energy crisis is now.

Information technology expert Charlie Pedersen has accepted this challenge and assembled an action plan to shake off the economic chains of oil dependency and move the worldwide water and energy strategy toward the elimination of drought and famine in his new fictionalized narrative, “NOIS²E.”

Based on nearly a decade of research and the feeling that the United States has marched into a self-induced quagmire, Pedersen’s new book is aimed at redirecting our current water and energy policies away from the declining 20th Century oil strategy in the Middle East.

Pedersen argues that expansions in Shale gas and oil, Methane Hydrate, Sun-gas and Syn-gas, and massive battery improvements have created a supply/demand resupply that are the best replacements for petroleum/oil. These solutions are low cost, pollution free, and infinity available, if the current usage mix of transportation, electrical power, and fresh water generation are changed.

Through “NOIS²E,” Pedersen proposes leveraging science and engineering to expand the worldwide energy market, cut energy costs in half, rapidly improve the environment, and make supply > demand the simple equation for national and international GDP growth and a warless world.

“The good news is the majority of science and engineering is done, but we do have to face our self-perpetuating resistance to change,” Pedersen said. “The solution is to shift from a Middle East (ME) to a Water and Energy  (WE) strategy and combine efforts in Germany, the USA, and Canada into a direct partnership with China, Japan, and a few others. This is the new 21st century.”

About the author: 

Charlie Pedersen has been writing since 2004. With a background that includes working with the Apollo Lunar module systems and the creation of what became America’s largest Automated Teller Network, the Star System, Pedersen has achieved a clear understanding of the human and organizational dynamics necessary to effect significant large-scale change. “NOIS²E” is Pedersen’s third book, he also authored “Turn of the Century: 2100” and “WE to Infinity.” He has four boys and lives in Westminster, Ca.

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