Author Tiffany Papageorge is Today’s Honoree


Father’s Day is just about a month away, and the greeting card aisles and gift stores have been stocked for weeks with hundreds of variations of “Number One Dad” mugs and “Best. Dad. Ever.” picture frames. These days set aside to celebrate our parents are special ones, but they can also be very difficult for those who no longer have their parents, whether it’s a child or adult who has experienced the loss.

How can we ease the pain and help support those who don’t have their dad this Father’s Day? Tiffany Papageorge, author and grief speaker, knows there is no “quick fix” but suggests re-framing the loss with lots of support, understanding, and gentle guidance. Her inspirational new book, My Yellow Balloon, helps to do just that.

Powerful in its simplicity (and breathtakingly illustrated by a Dreamworks artist), My Yellow Balloon narrates the story of a boy who loses his beloved yellow balloon. As it slips into the sky and he goes on without it, the color drains from his world – until one day when the boy notices the yellow balloon is reflected in the sun and, through its reflection, will always be with him even if it’s no longer in his grip.

Tiffany Papageorge is an author, speaker and speaking coach for parents, teachers and mental health professionals whose mission is to find new ways to reach, capture and engage children who are dealing with the issue of loss.

Her extensive theater background spans a 25-year period, and includes work with CBS, Disney and The Sundance Institute. Tiffany holds an MFA from the American Conservatory Theater. She is a member of the Healing Story Alliance, the National Storytelling Network, SCBWI, and SAG-Aftra and has spoken for such prestigious organizations and events as Head Start, The National Alliance of Grieving Children and throughout Pennsylvania for Children’s Grief Awareness Day, to name a few.

The multi-award-winning My Yellow Balloon is her first picture book and was recently featured on the cover of Foreword Reviews.

Visit Tiffany Papageorge for more information.


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