Poet Melissa Ann Sizer is Today’s Honoree

poetrybookMelissa Ann Sizer has endured more than her fair share of trauma: she was abused during childhood, schooling and in two of her previous marriages.

Taught to keep things to herself, Sizer turned to poetry as a way to cope early in life. The result is her debut book of poems, “My Life, My Love, My Poems,” which chronicles the emotional trauma she endured over a period of four decades.

Originally a tool to heal and process her pain, Sizer hopes her new book will inspire readers in similar situations to get the help they need like she did. She shares her story to demonstrate how much therapy has helped her, even though she started going to therapy later in life.

Sizer has been able to heal from her past abuse and is now in a loving marriage. She wants audiences to know there is hope beyond the current pain they are feeling.

“If I had found a book that was similar to this, it might have helped me and maybe I wouldn’t have gone through as much as I did,” Sizer said. “I hope women that have been through similar experiences will be encouraged by my book and get the help they need.”

Melissa Ann Sizer currently resides in Oak Harbor, Wash., with her husband. She continues to write and attend therapy. “My Life, My Love, My Poems” is her first book.

Visit Melissa Ann Sizer for more information.

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