Sapience Vice President Khiv Singh is Today’s Honoree

KhivKhiv is responsible for growing business for Sapience in the Americas region. He has over 14 years of experience in sales, business development and marketing, with an outstanding record of consistent and significant revenue growth. His strengths include the ability to conceptualize and implement innovative campaigns to drive market expansion.

His previous experience includes Symphony Services and V2 Solutions in the US, and ICIM, Reliance Infocomm, Infinite Computer Solutions in India. Khiv has consistently won the best sales rep award at each of these companies. He completed his B.Com & MBA in Marketing from University of Pune.

The digital world is creating a workplace epidemic– employees are disrupted every 10.5 minutes by social media and reading emails takes up to 30% of the average day.  In addition, 87% percent report being emotionally disconnected from their jobs which adds up to a 300 billion dollar loss for U.S. Companies.

How can companies and employees be more productive in a digital world? Enter Sapience – think Jetsons in the workplace – a tracking of everything an employee does at every moment. Sapience created a “Big Brother” technology NOT for companies to harass employees about time but to help and show them how to use their time better.  Regardless of the outcry about privacy issues – companies and employees need to able to use technology to help each other and employees are loving it.

Sapience’s software platform – Sapience Buddy – shows employees exactly how their day is breaking down and helps them recover lost time and manage their time.  With over 100,000 users, 60 companies and in countries, Sapience mirrors an employee’s computer time and logs it accordingly.

Visit Khiv Singh for more information.

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