Today’s Honoree is Nashville Municipal Airport Lead Operations Specialist, T.c. ROSS

RossT.c. Ross was born to Norman and Alma Ross in Memphis, TN. Shortly after his father completed graduate studies at Alabama State University, the family relocated to Pensacola, Fl. That’s where T.c.’s love for aviation began.

The family’s home was nestled beside Pensacola Naval Air Station where he was inundated daily with the sights and sounds of navy and marine helicopters as well as high performance jet fighters.

After high school, T.c. attended Tennessee State University where he obtained his B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering. He has been employed with the Metro Airport for over 21 years where he is an Operations Specialist, where his duties range from airside and landside management to VIP protection, where he may be involved with protecting high profile celebrities and politicians alike. Thus far, T.c. has been involved with the direct protection of 3 presidential administrations when they visited Nashville. Married to Belinda his beautiful Bride that keeps him grounded, T.c. is an avid fisherman and music aficionado. Stevie Wonder being his all time favorite artist.

Astronomy and other sciences are also passions. In his free time T.c loves to mentor aviation kids in the Middle TN area. When asked how he’d like to be remembered? T.c. responded, “I want people to think of service when they think of me. Having used all of my talents to help my fellow human being. Once I have breathed my last breath, I will be satisfied if I left this world a better place than when I was born; my efforts would not have been in vain.”

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