A Life In Two Worlds Author Thomas Hughes is Today’s Honoree

LifeInTwoWorldsAlthough many people maintain diaries as children, few of those entries contain stories of historical significance. Thomas Hughes is one of the few to share a narrative that sheds new light on the dynamics people experienced during that time.

In his new memoir, “A Life in Two Worlds,” Hughes tells the story of his life growing up during World War II, including his abduction by German soldiers who were trying to obtain information from his father, a commander in the military, prior to the sinking of the German cruiser Admiral Graf Spee.

To be abducted is a terrifying experience in itself, but Hughes goes on to share more about encountering one of his captors later in life.

“I discovered at a young age that it was easier for me to write about my feelings, emotions and experiences than to express them verbally,” Hughes said. “I prompted myself later in life to read those pages; it was a therapeutic encounter to fully accept my past.”

Those pages ultimately became the basis of “A Life in Two Worlds.” A previously untold account of life during World War II, Hughes’ powerful story is one of honesty, responsibility and perseverance.

About the author:

Thomas Hughes was born in Brazil to parents of English and Hungarian descent. Fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese, he holds degrees from Sutherland University and Universidad de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Hughes resides in North Miami Beach, Florida. This is his first book.

Visit Thomas Hughes for more information.

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