Author Claudia Church is Today’s Honoree

ClaudiaChurchAfter a career spent in front of the camera appearing on shows such “Nashville” and “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, Claudia Church has opened up about her successes and shortcomings in an effort to help others fulfill their own untapped potential.

Her new book, “The Masterpiece Within” mixes Church’s career experiences with popular culture anecdotes as well as insight those who have assisted her along her along way.

Whether or not our lives tell an intriguing and inspiring story lies in the hands of each and every one of us. Creating an adventurous and meaningful life story is oftentimes difficult because of the layers upon layers of self-defeating personal beliefs we accumulate through our life experiences.

Using the story behind the creation of Michelangelo’s sculpting masterpiece, The David, as a
metaphor THE MASTERPIECE WITHIN: 5 Key Life Skills To Becoming A Living Work Of Art teaches there is a masterpiece waiting to be discovered in all of us. The same as Michelangelo could envision his finished masterpiece beneath the flawed, discarded block of marble before he even put chisel to stone.

MasterpieceLife Skill #1: Choosing Wisely

Life Skill #2: Becoming The Hero Of Our Own Life Story

Life Skill #3: Discovering And Developing Life Bliss

Life Skill #4: Balancing Emotions, Spirit, Mind, And Body

Life Skill #5: Making A Difference

When we embrace and apply key life skills we chip away layers of fear, anger, discouragement, childishness, shame, low self-esteem, guilt, and numerous other learned traits that blind us to our own innate beauty.

THE MASTERPIECE WITHIN is a comprehensive yet reader friendly life skills manual filled with motivational wisdom, pop culture references from the film, music, and sports worlds, alongside time-tested principles from ancient masters.

Claudia has worked successfully in the entertainment arts for over 3 decades. As a professional model, she has worked with numerous top agencies such as the Kim Dawson Agency in Dallas, Karin Models in Paris, and FORD and ELITEModels throughout the U.S.

As a country music artist, she achieved chart success and received rave reviews for her self-titled CD released by Warner/Reprise in publications such as Billboard and People magazine. People’s review claimed her as, “A Church who’ll build a big following.” Her live performances have taken her around the world, including over a dozen USO shows in war torn Bosnia and Herzegovina.

As an actor, Claudia has appeared in short and long form films, prime time television series, and over 100 local and national commercials. She recently played a paramedic in Blake Shelton’s, God Gave Me You video, which has over 34 million views on You Tube. In the Lifetime Channel series, Drop Dead Diva she played, Cynthia Keating, the CEO of a pharmaceutical company. In the ABC hit television series, Nashville, Claudia played an OB/GYN doctor in the Season 2 opener. She plays Melissa, a meth addict in the 2015 true-life thriller, Captive, alongside actors, Kate Mara and David Oyelowo.

A natural born teacher with a zest for helping others achieve their goals and dreams, Claudia has conducted numerous workshops and coached many in the entertainment arts for over two decades. She is currently working on a children’s bedtime series titled, Close Your Eyes And Imagine, a second book with Guy titled, Too Odd Not to Be God: Inspirational Stories, and a screenplay titled, Lost Luggage.

Visit Claudia Church for more information.

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