UK Author Sally Chiwuzie is Today’s Honoree

Sally“When we stand together, we stand unshakable.” These are the words of Nigerian-born and UK-based writer Sally Chiwuzie, referring to her global campaign for women, “Together We Are Unshakable.” This campaign provides an online platform for women all over the world to share their own stories and free themselves from feeling broken, unloved or unworthy.

From her youth in Nigeria to her experiences during a difficult marriage, divorce and as a single mother, Chiwuzie has never held back in her writing. She shares her own past life challenges and the experiences of people she interacts with every day to encourage women everywhere to embrace their own value, tap into their own strength and transcend any obstacles that come their way.

Chiwuzie’s new novel, “Silent Symphonies,” is an extension of the “Together We Are Unshakable” campaign, addressing the challenges multicultural couples face, the reality and consequences of domestic violence, and the unrealistic expectations often present in relationships.

“Silent Symphonies” follows sultry Leila Cranston-Jasper as she seeks love, self-discovery and self-empowerment against the obstacles that come her way. Chiwuzie’s ultimate goal is for her new novel to contribute to the worldwide movement toward women’s evolution, empowerment and all-around prosperity.

“While it is fiction, a lot of the emotions buried within ‘Silent Symphonies’ are borrowed from real life,” Chiwuzie said. “Sharing my emotions and learning how people relate to my writing makes me feel fulfilled.”

About the author:

Sally Chiwuzie holds a law degree from the University of Hertfordshire and completed her Barrister training at the College of Law in the United Kingdom. She has been a writer all her life, and has been a blogger and magazine columnist for more than 10 years. Her seminal novel, “Silent Symphonies” took nearly 10 years to complete and is the foundation for the “Together We Are Unshakable” global online campaign she founded. She resides near London.

Visit Sally Chiwuzie for more information.

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