Agape Author Maryanne Pickard is Today’s Honoree

AgapeMaryanne Pickard grew up with a phenomenal father, who provided her with sage advice, guidance and support. As a teacher she became fully aware of the lucky straw she pulled when she began trying to help young boys who were without such role models. She has tried to help pass her father’s wisdom onto the next generation of young men who seem to have become lost in a world where the media has no limits.

Pickard’s new book, “Agape,” collects her late father’s life lessons and wisdom to be shared with a broader audience. Finding a positive role model for children can be extremely difficult, so Pickard hopes this new book can help parents, teachers or even older siblings set a good example.

“I wanted to help mothers, guardians and young men start conversations about what it really means to be a man, the negative effects of graphic media, the importance of marriage or even just what romance truly is,” Pickard said.

Visit Maryanne Pickard for more information.

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