Social the Lifestyle Magazine Founder Sinclair Jones is Today’s Honoree

SinclairJonesSinclair Jones is the Owner/Founder of Social the Lifestyle Magazine. Began his publishing career working as top sales person for a local newspaper in Mercer Co. New Jersey from 1999-2001. The paper was a monthly publication that high-lights local business, political events, entertainment and some mainstream news. As top seller began to realize newspaper industry was a dying field so decided to move to Northern New Jersey and do something more trendy and fun.

January 2012 was the birth of Social Magazine, we started with nightlife and slowly moved into dining, entertainment, and lastly fashion. The Magazine is a premier full color and glossy publication focusing on Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, celebrity news, current political events, top music artists and dining at some of New York City top restaurants. We hosted multiple fashion events including charity fundraisers and the Metropolitan Bikini Fashion Weekend with Central Jersey Ferrari Maserati New Jersey’s only certified Ferrari dealer and a host of high end events.

Visit Sinclair Jones for more information.

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1 Response to Social the Lifestyle Magazine Founder Sinclair Jones is Today’s Honoree

  1. Darja says:

    Sinclair Jones is the best! Congratulations! Great article!

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