Everyday Carry Editor In Chief Bernard Capulong is Today’s Honoree

bernard-capulongBernard Capulong is the Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of EverydayCarry.com, the one stop shop for men’s accessories, gadgets, and gear. Named one of TIME’s best blogs, Everyday Carry provides a curated look into the pockets, professions and lives of its audience, which includes such diverse occupations as secret service agents, rock stars, CEOs, photographer’s, surgeons and more!

As a leading expert in men’s accessories, Capulong has contributed to several companies and publications through his writing, consultation and creative direction. He’s always searching for the most functional and stylish gadgets and gear, one pocket at a time.

More about EverydayCarry.com:

The contents of your pockets and bags comprise your everyday carry (EDC), which serves as the premise of EverydayCarry.com. The first and largest site of its kind, Everyday Carry provides a curated look into the pockets, professions and lives of its audience, ranging from architects and photographers to craftsmen and mechanics. Affiliate links allow users to purchase products for their own EDCs or buy gifts for like-minded males in their lives for birthdays, holidays and more. Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief Bernard Capulong has transformed his five-year-old blog into an all-new social commerce site that cultivates the best user EDC photos. Plus, Everyday Carry’s editorial staff provides reviews and lifestyle content that keep users engaged and coming back for more.

“I’ve always had a passion for gadgets and gear. Having studied biomedical engineering in college, I paid close attention to useful design. My borderline obsessive research as a result of my academic background and serial hobbyism led to the creation of Everyday Carry in 2009 as a personal blog to document neat finds, curate quality content, and to share a favorite interest of mine with new audiences.”

Visit Bernard Capulong for more information.
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