Insights of a Yogi Author Mish Mockovic Martin is Today’s Honoree

InsightsYogiCoverForced to face her addictions and a paralyzing back injury, yoga instructor Mish Mockovic Martin quickly learned that yoga has a much higher purpose than physical fitness.

Martin’s new guide, “Insights of a Yogi,” chronicles the events that led to her seriously injury and the important life lessons she learned about how yoga heals the mind, body and soul. Readers are introduced to the applications of the practice – including poses, terminology and the body’s seven chakras – and how yoga can improve their lives.

“We as a society are overwhelmed by stress and pressure to simply survive in a competitive and cutthroat world,” Martin said. “To find a practice that offers discipline and structure, strengthens the body, relieves tension, and provides peace is a fabulous thing.”

Already a student of yoga, Martin was able to heal the aspects of her life that led to destructive behaviors and ultimately her spinal injury by embracing the yogic philosophy in her day-to-day life. She shares her new book to inspire others to do the same.

“Insights of a Yogi” teaches readers how embarking on a yogic journey can heal aspects of their lives, encourage them to take responsibility of their actions, and help them learn to know and love themselves.

“Yoga is for everyone, not just the super fit or hippy,” Martin said. “It is time to address health needs and requirements for general well-being, and yoga has the answers.”

About the author:

Mish Mockovic Martin, a dedicated yogi, attained a teaching diploma from Satyananda Ashram, trained with Louisa Seer, Manu Jois, Simon Borg-Oliver, and Glen Ceresoli, and took Ayurvedic courses in Sri Lanka. She has dedicated her life and career to the ancient holistic science of yoga and its transformative power.

Visit Mish Mockovic Martin for more information.

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