Author and Amgen Biotechnical Corporation VP of Human Resources Ted Bagley is Today’s Honoree

SuccessFactorSeasoned businessman and author Ted Bagley’s new book, “The Success Factor: Navigating the Treacherous Waters of Corporate America,” reveals the characteristics employees need to survive and prosper in the competitive, ever-changing working world.

Throughout his experience at the helm of several major companies, including his current gig as the VP of human resources operations for Amgen Biotechnical Corporation, Bagley recognized one of the major problems employees face in creating a cohesive environment is the growth in diversity. Businesses are not only made up of one particular type of person anymore.

Bagley said, “Because of the economy there are four generations surviving under one corporate roof having different motivations and different values.”

Navigating the Treacherous Waters of Corporate America is charged with significant life lessons that are worthy of it being in your personal library, and addresses not only the challenge of acquiring a job but also the process of keeping it. Author Ted Bagley takes a different approach to addressing what it takes to be successful. He approaches this novel from the standpoint of not only the art of getting a job but the science of keeping it. He takes the readers to a new level of understanding concerning both the skills needed to be successful as well as the politics of understanding the parameters of retention.

Ted Bagley, a vice-president at a large pharmaceutical company on the West Coast, was born in Birmingham, Alabama to Ted and Eddie Mae Bagley both deceased. His brother William Bagley, recently retired, resides in Indianapolis with his wife Larnell and daughter Jennifer. After graduating from high school, Bagley joined Uncle Sam’s Army where he served in the Old Guard, a ceremonial unit in Ft. Myer, Virginia. After serving for several years in that prestigious unit, he was sent to VietNam at the height of the conflict.

At the end of his military career, he continued his degree at Ohio State and later graduated from Franklin Business Law School in Columbus, Ohio. After college, he joined the General Electric Company’s world-renowned Executive Leadership Program where he served in many capacities of the human resources field. After working his way to the executive ranks, the author left GE to join the Russell Corporation based in Atlanta, Georgia. After several years with Russell, he joined Dell Computer in Nashville, Tennessee. Bagley currently is an executive with Amgen Pharmaceuticals in Thousand Oaks California. His hobbies are bike riding, reading, skating, and minor car repair.

He has a wife, Debra, and four children, Marcus, Chantal, Christopher, and Jared. The author’s passions are: public speaking, counseling, working with young people, and exercising. He has written two novels, The Tragedy of Darkness and My Personal War Within.

Visit Ted Bagley for more information.

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