Author and Speaker Desiree Lee is Today’s Honoree

DesireeLeeI AM DESIREE LEE, LLC is a society enrichment initiative, designed to derail young people from making decisions of crime and transforming our youth into rewarding citizens of society. By using Desiree Lee as a visual aid, this method has proven to be a resourceful tool that helps students retain the image of heading down a destructive path, with a message of inspiration wrapped in a package unlike any we’ve seen before. Ms. Lee provides each student the experience of life as an inmate, and appreciate their educational opportunities. Not the typical “Scared Straight” approach, instead focusing on the strengths of each student to highlight strategies for growth.Offering solutions to apply towards students daily lives in the midst of current limitations.This in turn brings about an effective solution to improve and transform the lives of our community into a more productive place to grow. 

Focused Topics:

  • Criminal Risks
  • Family & Educational Dynamics
  • Prison Preventative Solutions
  • Get Up & Grow 

A former high school student, on her way to college in pursuit of THE AMERICAN DREAM. At 17 years old, she graduated with a 3.8 GPA and two basketball scholarships, quickly found herself on the wrong side of the law. A ten minute decision that severely affected her parents, younger brother and ultimately her promising future. Reaching an all-time low, Desiree Lee encountered another decision. To either throw in the towel or wipe the sweat off of her face. She chose to keep going and embraced her past mistakes, instead of continuing to walk the journey under a cloud of shame. Ms. Lee has worked tirelessly over several years and is thrilled to introduce Prison Prevention Initiative.

Author Desiree Lee of “INMATE 1142980: The Desiree Lee Story” is a well sought after inspirational keynote speaker. A dynamic, life changing, purpose driven publication, for every child, teenager, young adult, and parent. When not delivering upbeat inspiring presentation for audiences across the country, Desiree can be seen on ATLANTA LIVE TV 57, A Woman’s Place with award winning television host Angela Rice, and Victorious Living with host Nicole Paige. Desiree Lee is seen shared the platform with Judge Greg Mathis during Praying for Our Children Winter Gala, in Orlando, FL. National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc Chattanooga, TN. Judge Penny Brown Reynolds 2014 Sister Talk Conference, Atlanta, GA.

Best Selling Author, Inspirational Speaker, and Family Dynamic Coach. Ms. Lee is a living example of overcoming personal experiences with a criminal background, low self-esteem and defeat. Sharing with every teen, how one careless decision can alter their lives permanently. Her heart pumps the passion that produces a positive change. Committed to impact, inspire and prevent young people from incarceration nationwide.

“I wouldn’t want any teen to go through what I’ve experienced in prison! I wouldn’t want any parent to experience what my parents went through seeing their child in prison!” –Dlee 

Visit Desiree Lee for more information.

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