Hurt Used To Live Here Author Joyce Reed is Today’s Honoree

JoyceReedThe Journey of Joyce:

Using the words I recorded in journals and notebooks I kept as a young girl,

I now bare my soul within these pages by

sharing my truth. I share my personal struggles with the world

to help others and give them the support and love I

never felt as a young girl. I don’t want anyone to ever feel, what I felt growing up,

but in my years of healing I realize that I am certainly not the only one.

It was a lot of hurt and pain but there are ways to get through it, to do more than just survive.

Reclaim your worth, your dignity, your SELF. He will see you through it, andJoyceReedBookCover

He will put people in your path that will help along the way.

I am sharing my story with you, so others, who have judged me

without knowing the silent pain that I carried, will finally understand.

“Never judge a book by its cover, first open it and read it.”

So as the Bible says, I am making it plain, and writing it on tablets–

making my life that open book; a book that includes a vision of hope,

faith and victory that many desire, but few have claimed.

At the end of my story, you will have cried, laughed,

had chills or even gotten upset, feel hurt or feel loved.

But at the very end of it all I want you to take my words,

then write your own story,

or rewrite your story with a new path of healing, love, and faith.

Then you too can share with the world and change someone’s life.

It starts with a thought or the spoken word and ends with change.

In the beginning was the word. And the two most powerful words on the planet are:

I am.

Anything behind that should be positive.

So I will say that I am single mom of two wonderful boys,

I am a business owner, I am a writer, I am a college graduate, I am a friend,

I am a WOMAN, I am stubborn, I am real, I am a best friend,

I am loving, I am worthy, I am forgiving, I am A fighter, I am a beautiful,

“I AM” wonderful, I am GOD’s child

I am Joyce Reed and this is my journey.

Visit Joyce Reed for more information.

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