VIPwink Founder Steve Berman is Today’s Honoree

Steven BermanSteve Berman is the COO and founder of VIPwink, the ground-breaking new social media app that will forever change the way celebrity, brands and their fans communicate! This state of the art app was designed to enable celebrities and brands to data mine and aggregate email databases from their Twitter followers via paid subscriber channels.

VIPwink will bring about a new way of connecting and monetizing fan equity and will result in the comeback of the good old paid subscriber celebrity fan club. After all, Twitter and other social media platforms exist because of the contribution of celebrities and brands having built the platform’s popularity. Celebrities and brands spend endless time, money and resources cultivating massive fan bases on social media -but ultimately, they don’t own this “fan equity” in the form of actual data or email addresses and contact information that can be aggregated or monetized…until now.

About Steve Berman:

Steve Berman is an accomplished senior executive with a 20+ year career track record known throughout the mobile entertainment and gaming industries for developing, implementing and creating highly profitable revenue sources and companies. He has an exceptional background in strategic planning, business development and marketing with proven results to increase revenue and brand recognition. He is seasoned and experienced at creating corporate and product identities generating marketing channels and stimulating product growth.

About VIPwink(r)

VIPwink is a revolutionary new app designed to connect celebrities and brands with the public in ways never before possible. Users subscribe to celebrity channels for $0.99 each per month, gaining an unprecedented level of access to their favorite athletes, models, entertainers and business icons.

VIPwink celebrities send out “winks,” private messages that appear on subscribers’ channels, rewarding loyal, paying fans with exclusive insights, news and perks. Winks may then be posted to Twitter on a delay or not at all. Through VIPwink (patent pending), celebrities gather valuable fan data while coalescing their dedicated fans in one place and collecting subscription revenues in the process.

Visit Steve Berman for more information.

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