NFL Analyst Erik Coleman is Today’s Honoree

erikclemanWhen first meeting Erik, it’s hard to see the man before you see the athlete, and with a sports resume like his, it’s easy to see why…

Before he was married to Sabrina Coleman and devoted father of two, Erik was a standout two-sport athlete at Lewis and Clark High School. His accomplishments on the field led to a scholarship at perennial PAC-10 (now PAC-12) threat, Washington State. Erik was a standout defensive back for the Cougars throughout his collegiate career, garnering the attention of more than just his weekly opponents – as soon the NFL came calling…Erik spent 9 seasons playing professional football – and more important than the stats he amassed playing for the passion he found for health and wellness.

Weight training, perfect dietary practices, and nutrient supplementation all fascinated Erik and he began to consume as much knowledge and information as he could get his hands on. It was this search for wellness that led him to Dr. Mario Manna and CORE Medical New York. CORE helped Erik throughout his NFL career- handling his intravenous vitamin therapy as well as helping maintain his vital nutrient balance.

Erik is transferring the drive that made him successful in the NFL and continuing his quest for “wellness for all” in his new position as Core Medical New York’s Practice Manager.

What separates him from other health gurus is simple: he cares. Erik is completely devoted to the people that come to him looking for a way to reach their own wellness goals. He personally guides them down the path towards health, giving them the encouragement and support they need.

Visit Erik Coleman for more information.

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