Violinist Prodigy Leah Flynn is Today’s Honoree

LeahFlynnSeven year old Leah Flynn, a strikingly talented violinist, has set her sights on using her talent to inspire change as a Messenger of Peace. Leah Flynn’s music is not just a pastime; it’s a way of providing hope and a healing vehicle for the heart. Leah witnessed unrest firsthand in her own backyard of Sanford, Florida, as well as in New York where she was originally born, and wished to prevent any further violence in any communities by spreading messages of peace with music.

After seeing the recent protests in Ferguson following the shooting death of Michael Brown, Leah wanted to use her talents to rebuild the community. Luckily, Whoopi Goldberg on The View  heard about Leah’s special mission. While explaining to the audience how inspiring and peaceful Leah’s musical mission was, Goldberg became emotional, encouraging media outlets to help make Leah’s dream a reality. St. Louis’ Fox 2 and CMOX welcomed Flynn on their shows where she performed  songs that promoted peace and hope for the surrounding communities.

Since then, Flynn has remained enthusiastic and firm on her mission of being an ambassador of peace through the soothing sound of her violin strings. She continues to seek out opportunities to bring her music to a national audience, and recently performed “We Shall Overcome” in honor of MLK day. At just seven years old, Leah Flynn is an accomplished violinist who hopes to bring peace to the world through her talents.

Visit Leah Flynn for more information.

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