Wing Girl Marni Kinrys is Today’s Honoree

MarniBest known as the “Wing Girl,”expert relationship coach, MARNI KINRYS is revolutionizing the dating world by giving men the tools and skill set to attract, date and get any girl they want through her unique curriculum, THE WING GIRL METHOD.

This one-of-a-kind self-help program takes a woman’s perspective to give men a behind
the scenes look into a woman’s mind and helps them build a strong masculine character
in an attempt to bridge the gap in communication between the sexes. Marni has now
taken her classes to the next level with her podcast “Ask Women” and her book, THAT’S NOT HOW MEN WORK expected.

Topics Marni Discusses:

* How to get your girl to watch sports
* How to get more responses from online dating
* Steps to approaching groups of girls
* How to be more than “just friends”
* And much more!

Raised in Toronto, Marni has overcome unimaginable personal struggles at an early
age of 20, diagnosed with an eating disorder which ultimately led to a stroke. This
life changing moment transformed Marni into the confident and entrepreneurial woman
she is today as she found herself giving empowered advice to her peers that she
saw really working and leading to the creation of THE WING GIRL METHOD.

When she’s not busy turning boys into men, Marni can be found playing and taking
walks with her husband and 3-month old son.  As a former dancer, actor, improv
master and skier, Marni has now found joy in both spinning and yoga.  She is also
teaching herself how to cook as she is now on the Paleo diet.

About Marni:

Every product I create, every conference I put on, every coaching call I make, I have one simple mission. . . give the good guy the edge. You are about to learn everything you need to know about women. Including the things that women would never want you to know.

Visit The Wing Girl for more information.

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