James and Eleanor of the Randall Foundation are Today’s Honorees

JamesEleanorJames and Eleanor Randall have a long history of providing philanthropic support to organizations that have made a difference in their lives. Through the James & Eleanor Randall Foundation, they support institutions that are dedicated to arts, education, healthcare and mental health – all matters dear to their hearts. Most recently they made a major donation to Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, California, to support the work and care taking place at the hospital’s nationally renowned breast center.

Currently Huntington Hospital’s breast center provides compassionate and innovative care to thousands of women each year. The new Randall Endowment for Breast Care will provide the funds needed to support ongoing excellence in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment within the newly named James and Eleanor Randall Breast Center.

“This new endowment is vital to the ongoing needs of the hospital and the community,” said Ruth Williamson, the hospital’s medical director of breast cancer services. “Thanks to the incredible generosity of Jim and Eleanor Randall, each year we will be able to deploy funds wherever there is the greatest need and ensure that Huntington Hospital remains at the forefront of breast cancer care and treatment. By doing so Huntington will remain a
beacon of hope for thousands of women in our region now and for generations to come.”

Inspired in part by their personal experience, the Randall’s felt compelled to give back to the breast center that was, for them, “an oasis in the midst of the chaos that comes with a cancer diagnosis.” When asked how they felt about their generous gift that will secure vital care for women in the San Gabriel Valley and beyond, Eleanor simply answered that she is “happy knowing that countless other women will be able to get the same care as I did.”

The parents of six grown children, James and Eleanor have created a trust that specifically requires their children to continue giving to the community. “We feel it’s very important to give back,” said James.

Visit  Randall Foundation for more information.

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