Hip Hop Artist Joey Fattz is Today’s Honoree

JoeyFattzHip Hop recording artist Joey Fattz has been a mainstay in the Pittsburgh underground music scene for quite awhile attaining a huge local fan base and unprecedented supporters from all walks of life. Bazooka Joe, his most popular mixtape has been referred to as, “Rugged from start to finish,” according to WAMO 100 FM’s deejays Mike Jax and Ray Love. Fattz is currently anxiously awaiting the release of the second installment of the series, Bazooka Joe 1.5, which is scheduled to release on January 16th, 2015. After winning “Album of the Year” for Bazooka Joe and “Best Live Performance” with his group the Grimey Click at the Pittsburgh Underground Music Awards this year, Joey Fattz has been racking up the achievements in his already extensive arsenal of a back catalogue. Recently, Fattz’s music has broken out of the underground scene onto a national scale, joining an elite group of well-known Indie lyricists that represent the future of hip hop. He has paid his dues, performing over 1000 times in smaller venues with other unsigned artists. Now he is opening for the likes of KRS-One, Kool G Rap, Snoop Dog and French Montana to name a few for much larger, sold-out crowds. It has been a long, labor intensive journey for this young artist, but Joey is the epitome of proving hard work and dedication truly does pay off.

Joey Fattz has been described as a, “Future hip hop legend” by Legaldopespot.com for the verse he spit on Legendary producer, Domingo’s, “Power, Profit, Control” featuring AZ, Nutso and Joey Fattz. Joey and Domingo have been hard at work in Soundmine studios creating AKA Bazooka Joe, a project solely produced by Domingo with features from Kool G Rap, KRS-One and Chris Rivers (Baby Pun) scheduled to release shortly after Bazooka Joe 1.5. 1.5 garners features from the Taylor Gang’s Chevy Woods and Tuki Carter as well as Pittsburgh’s 58’s, B. White and Franchise. He has also been working on creating 2 tracks for the movie Zombie Priest’s score. Director Sergio Myers approached Joey for not only his music, but also his acting skills and cast Joe as ’Slim’ in the upcoming film. Fattz was also just featured by the Coke Boys Coke Vision’s Flow187’s Pot Culture mixtape. He just laid down a verse for the New York based group, Noble Society. As if all of these projects were not enough, Joey returned from his first headlining tour in August, Who is Joey Fattz, which spanned all over the northeast region of the US.

Joey has spent years intricately crafting his own unique, hip hop style and simultaneously, raised his 5 children with little to no help from their mothers. He can be seen on stage late on a Friday night and on the field early Saturday morning to coach football for his son’s teams. Joey is loyal to his craft but is even more devoted when it comes to his family. Fattz came up with Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa working alongside them, with the same producers, recording in the same studio at the infamous, ID Labs. As a young child, Joey was always writing raps and hiding them away. It wasn’t until Brick from Pittsburgh’s infamous Timebomb heard him spitting and encouraged Joe to go to his first session at ID Labs. Fattz had found a means to express himself in a positive way by illustrating his experiences and how he views the world, slowly becoming the powerful, poignant voice he represents today. Today’s climate is a mirror image of the struggle in which hip hop was born and Joey’s music brings it’s listeners a sense of hope. Fattz will not just sit back quietly with this chaos swirling around him without speaking his mind, using witty rhymes, creating music that compels you to think for yourself and stand up for whatever it is that you believe in. Joey wouldn’t say his is political, he would just say that he hopes his contribution helps make this world a little better for his kids.

Joey Fattz’s notoriety and music has reached all the way across the pond to the U.K. ITCH FM’s DJ Thad Boogie said about Joey, “This kid is the real deal,” and, “How are people like Trinidad James on the radio and Joey Fattz isn’t?” Another ITCH FM DJ, DJ Myme, cosigns Joey with this statement, “Emcees aren’t made, they are born, Joey Fattz is the epitome of this. Like all the greats who have gone before him, Joey has the rare ability to be able to paint a vivid picture using only his words. Putting you in the streets with him, taking you on a lyrical journey through raw, rough and rugged Hip Hop. He incorporates lyrical wordplay that hits harder then a shot of Vodka in the eye. Listening to Joey Fattz is like watching a Martian Scorsese motion picture, relentless, uncompromising and thought provoking. Joey Fattz is, without a doubt, a bright star and the undisputed future of Hip Hop.” Legendary Pittsburgh DJ Nick Nice was so impressed with Bazooka Joe, he brought Joey aboard his own team with no hesitation. Joey Fattz’s manager, Joanna IIC and his recent union with Nick, has proved to be the winning combination to push his music into every new market and set of ears they can collectively pull together. The floodgates have officially opened and opportunities seem endless for this star in the making. Jump on board and get to know this young artist because Joey Fattz is well on his way to becoming a household name. Go to JoeyFattz.com for more information.

Visit Joey Fattz for more information.

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