Founder of Kevin Ross Public Relations Ross Goldberg is Today’s Honoree

Ross GoldbergRoss Goldberg, founder and president of Kevin/Ross Public Relations, asserts that there is no issue that should be of greater concern to healthcare leaders than restoring the public’s long-lost trust. Ross has become a passionate speaker and writer on this subject, trying to get to the root of why so many Americans have lost their trust in the healthcare system and what can be done to help restore public confidence.

Drawing on a long career in healthcare communications, Ross has explored the forces that have caused the healthcare industry to see such a dramatic decline in public trust, including reports of medical errors, conflicting ethical challenges, the rise of managed care, and the industry’s inability to simplify an overly complicated system, as well as what healthcare leaders must do to shift the paradigm.

Ross insists that trust, more than anything else, is essential to getting healthcare’s messages heard and believed; and without it, the efficacy and integrity of the entire industry is being compromised. Through his work over the decades, Ross has encouraged organizations to reflect on and adopt the four essential elements of trust – integrity, honesty, promise keeping and loyalty. “The individuals we consider most trustworthy all practice these qualities without flinching, but not enough organizations can honestly say
that they do so day after day,” he says.

A frequent speaker and author, Ross’ views on the challenges surrounding the healthcare industry have been published in Health Affairs, Modern Healthcare, Hospitals & Health Networks, Physician’s Practice, Healthcare Marketing Report and dozens of others. He has also been published in the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Business Journal, PR Tactics and many other publications. In addition to running Kevin/Ross Public Relations, Ross has served as chairman of the board of trustees at Los Robles Hospital & Medical
Center in Southern California, giving him a unique perspective into the
issues and challenges facing healthcare today.

Ross is an award-winning public relations and marketing communications veteran whose passion, creativity and work ethic have helped him build Kevin/Ross Public Relations into a thriving and trusted PR agency. Ross has a longstanding commitment to transparency and trust in healthcare (as well as his unwavering support for his beloved Los Angeles Dodgers).

Visit  Ross Goldberg for more information.

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1 Response to Founder of Kevin Ross Public Relations Ross Goldberg is Today’s Honoree

  1. Ross is the consumate professional with his fingers not just on the pulse of the industry, but often he reads their mind. If you have the opportunity to collaborate with Mr. Goldberg on a project, it’s your lucky day. Debora Glennon, Marketing Director, Aegis Health Group

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