Beehive Foundation Co-Founder Michael Spiteri is Today’s Honoree

In September 2011, Mark and Michael Spiteri, fellow committee member of the Berwick Junior Football Club, and Di Ashton, Head of HR at Cardinia Council met up and developed the plan to formally establish the Beehive Foundation.  Over the next 6 months they shared the Beehive vision with parents and sporting associations alike, with interest and support spiralling at a significant rate.  Over 30 parents attended a planning session in July 2012, the event making the front cover of the local paper, and in August 2012, the Beehive Foundation was formally incorporated.​

A youth art show organised in just 5 weeks, opened in September 2012 by the City of Casey Mayor, with councillors from both Casey and Cardinia in attendance, over 150 people at the opening, and over 1000 visitors during the exhibition put the Beehive Foundation well and truly in minds of Casey community, as well as raising huge awareness of youth issues.

The Beehive Foundation is about providing Youth Support Through Sport .We are a new non-for profit organisation aimed at implementing structured programs to help our youth in the ages of 15 – 21 by developing coping strategies, and help develop self esteem & confidence through life skills that focus on work ethic, motivation, and goal setting. Beehive’s primary focus will be on Australia’s 3000+ junior sporting organisations – with over 1 million teenagers playing sport, supported by just under 1 million parent helpers.

We aim to make a huge difference! Our innovative programs will give youth the edge they need to meet challenges head on in sport, study, and life in general. We also aim to build awareness and understanding among parents who run sporting organisations whether it be in committee roles, coaching roles, team manager roles, or any role in a junior sporting club.

Visit The Beehive Foundation for more information.

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