Leisa Dewy of Don’t Bully is Today’s Honoree

bulliesLeisa Dewy founded Don’t Bully to raise awareness about the issue of bullying and to campaign for putting in strategies to prevent bullying.

Don’t Bully® is passionate about getting its core message out in to the greater community. We believe that through awareness and education we can and will make a difference.

Anti bullying is our passion, not our pastime. Our goal is to educate this generation so future generations learn and know that it is not ok to bully.

Don’t Bully is a Registered Not4Profit.


• By generating awareness, opening discussions, evaluating current mindsets and attitudes towards bullying.
• Our aim is to address bullying and cyber bullying head on by promoting safe and responsible behavior within the Community and on-line. Don’t Bully® takes its awareness educational program into;

o Schools,
o after-school programs,
o sporting clubs,
o workplaces,

Basically anywhere bullying has an impact with our society. And of course our Mascot-“Bob” the Bull can also be there upon request.

Visit Don’t Bully for more information.

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