Over Down Under Founder Jerry Farsoun is Today’s Honoree

JerryFarsoumWhat started out as an attempt on his life in 2007 became a personal mission to make a difference in his life and the lives of those around him suffering stoically.

Realising that it wasn’t the answer to any of his problems, he set out to learn more about the emotional states of someone in that frame of mind. This opened up a pandora’s box to a whole new world that was grossly ignored and pushed under the rug for lack of understanding.

While travelling around Australia in 2008 in a bid to reduce the stigma and raise awarness of depression with an emphasis on suicide prevention, the first flight created a 500% increase in calls to a suicide telephone service – that astonishing result fueled Jerry’s desire and passion to launch an assult on this debilitating and crippling eidemic in our community.

Overdownunder II (ODU II) is about the change from the level of those suffering and not from a clinical approach – it’s about helping from the person’s perspective.

Jerry feels compelled to  take responsibility for this message because of the lack of results from the millions already invested into the care and rehabilitation of those in need.

Visit Jerry Farsoun for more information.

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