Resteless Books Founding Editor Joshua Ellison is Today’s Honoree

JoshuaEllisonJoshua Ellison is the founder of Habitus, an international journal of Diaspora culture and literature. Library Journal commended the magazine’s “exemplary creative and journalistic work.” His work has appeared in The New York TimesWorld Policy Journal, on National Public Radio, and in publications from Belfast to Beijing. He has curated events and delivered lectures at the New York Public Library, Harvard University, Princeton University, The PEN World Voices Festival, The Museum of Jewish History, The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, and other venues. As a photographer, writer, and editor, he had worked in Israel, Bosnia, Hungary, Russia, Mexico, Argentina, and Germany.

Joshua Ellison is a founding editor of Restless Books, a digital press launching in September, 2013.  “We have set out to create a new publishing house for a fluid, cosmopolitan, globally engaged world. We call ourselves Restless because that is the quality we are looking for in our readers: people who are at home in the world, but also seeking out new experiences, new travels, new points of view. Our press is an invitation to explore the world—not just as a tourist or spectator, but as a participant ready to engage fearlessly with timely questions of culture, politics, and human potential.”

Visit Joshua Ellison for more information.

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