The Amanda Todd Legacy is Today’s Honoree

AmandaToddAmanda Michelle Todd

November 27, 1996 – October 10, 2012

AKA – Princess Snowflake. 

The urban dictionary describes a snowflake as a unique girl that no one else can duplicate because she is one of a kind.  It is known that every snowflake in the world is unique and different. No two are the same.  Snowflakes are fragile.

These are the same qualities that we find in each person in the world.  Everyone is special.  No one should be bullied for being unique and their own person.  We should all be allowed to be ourselves without fear of anything ever happening.  

We can and have learned from Amanda and the stories about what happened to her in the short years of her life.   Through her You Tube video, Amanda has allowed others from all over the world to hear her story. Her video has sparked discussions all over the world on topics related to exploitation, bullying/cyberbullying mental health, suicide and even learning disabilities.  It will hopefully break through the barriers of silence.

Amanda wanted her voice heard.  She would have wanted everyone to know how much she hurt emotionally and how the same thing also hurt thousands of other children and youth each day.  Amanda couldn’t stop what was happening to her and  it was her dream to make it right for others.  She thought it would help to tell her story for others to hear.

Anyone can save a life by taking just a few minutes to educate themselves about bullying and mental health.  Recognizing the signs and being able to help a person in need is critical.  Caring about others is so very important.

A close friend wrote these words: ‘As you go forward in the days and months ahead consider carefully what and how much can be done.  Amanda’s legacy should be one that teaches awareness and that our society will only succeed via tolerance, compassion, community, and forgiveness. It takes a village to raise a child.  We are ALL that village.

Please help in making Amanda’s Legacy one that helps and supports others.

When you see a snowflake falling gently from the sky, think of Amanda, our Princess Snowflake.

Visit Amanda Todd for more information.

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