Credit It Forget It Co-Founder Michael Morgan is Today’s Honoree

MichaelMorganMichael Morgan has always had a fascination for finance, credit, and cars. After founding a very successful business focused on automotive transportation, he followed his passion by directly working in the automotive space for a major dealer group. He worked his way up to finance director where he felt at home being able to combine his deep understanding of finance, credit, and cars all into one.

After a successful career in the automotive space moving up to General Manager, he chose to leave the field to focus strictly on helping educate America on better credit practices. Having all the knowledge of the automotive industry coupled with his understanding of what consumers struggle with during the credit process at a dealership, he co-founded Credit Forget It: An innovative credit platform that enables dealerships to help their clients reach higher levels of credit education and optimization. Today, Credit Forget It works with thousands of dealerships nationwide and has helped over 100,000 people optimize their credit while protecting their identity.

Visit Michael Morgan for more information.


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