Jewelry Designer Regina Pierallini is Today’s Honoree

Regina Pierallini Designs is the brainchild and labor of love project 23 years in the making.  Regina Pierallini having traveled for several years through India, Italy, Greece, Nepal, Columbia, Portugal, France and Spain first came face to face with rare gemstones, ancient metalwork, and heirloom techniques not seen in the West.  This collection of exotic materials and vintage jewelry started a lifelong dream of creating a unique collection in New York City that would translate to a modern woman’s lifestyle.

Working for many years as a photographer provided the creative bases on which the first designs where based.  The aesthetic was always to blend modern lines, and fluid silhouettes with a pop of color or bold unique element.  To stand out in a subtle and elegant way from the rest.

The jewelry is conceived and created in Brooklyn’s gritty and stunning DUMBO district, home of the newest crop of cutting edge artists, restauranteurs, photographers, and furniture makers.  The tough yet iconic neighborhood is felt in the forward thinking pieces and reflect the spirit of the dramatic landscape.

Using only the finest quality semi-precious stones such as chalcedony, citrine, peridot, opal, agate and tourmaline the designer achieves a striking, modern form with often unusual and vibrant color combinations.

A wide variety of metals are used; 14kt gold, sterling silver, as well as antiqued brass and copper are employed to achieve a desired look and feel. Inspiration often comes from the Far East and Asia, blending traditional and intricate patterns in metalwork with bold, clean, and minimalist accents.

Regina Pierallini Designs continues to explore new ways to thrill and surprise you through her unique wearable art.

Visit Regina Pierallini for more information.

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