African American Registry Founder Benjamin McHie is Today’s Honoree

BenjaminMcHieBenjamin Mchie is the founder and executive director of African American Registry. Mchie has also been a Multi Media Professional for over 35 years.

Mchie has been featured on the BBC, commenting the life of Dorothy Height and TV Asahi for background on the African American response to the 1940’s Japanese American internment. He also has been featured in the Minneapolis Star Tribune in 2001, 2005 and 2012 (see above link under websites). He is a sought after speaker for educational assemblies, recently at UNLV, Luther and Cornell College. He is a contributing writer in many books and articles on Race in America. His thoughts are now available in the 2013 book “Talking About Race.” His chapter is “The Pinocchio In Black America!”

As an educational consultant and founder of African American Registry, Mchie visits K-12 school assemblies and college campuses quarterly. His goal is to present African American Registry as a resource of America’s stories applied to any subject taught. Mchie senses a shift in young people striving to link scholarship, activism and civic engagement. He has also been a panelist at the National White Privilege Conference. The Registry’s research component travels throughout the United States and will include Las Vegas, L.A. and Atlanta in 2014.

In Multi Media, Mchie directs, produces, operates camera and edits. He’s received 4 Emmy’s and 2 MTV awards/nominations.

His work formats include feature films, corporate, commercials, music videos, documentaries, game-shows, broadcast sports and more. His passion now is producing media that ‘normalizes’ the image of the black experience in his work with African American Registry.

Specialties: Mchie teaches African American history and culture, he envisions inclusive instruction and learning in K-16 classrooms. The Registry’s personal narratives come from people through out the country to preserve America’s stories for educational and learning purposes.

 Visit Benjamin Mchie for more information.
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