Artist Joana Fischer is Today’s Honoree

JoanaFischer Joana Fischer launched her first project on Hatchfund. The first microphilanthropy site dedicated exclusively to accomplished artists working in the United States, Hatchfund is a unique online community where anyone can discover original projects from some of today’s most innovative artists and make tax-deductible donations to support their work. With a funding success rate of over 75%, Hatchfund has helped accomplished artists from thirty states realize their artistic projects with support from more than 14,000 unique donors.

“I am super excited to be invited to take part in the (e)merge Art Fair in Washington, DC (October 2 – 5, 2014). Participation in this show will be a fantastic opportunity for me and I am so lucky to be invited.”

The (e)merge art fair returns for a fourth year with the 2014 edition. Last year, the fair featured an international roster of over 80 exhibitors presenting works by 150 artists from 30 countries.

My project will be a site specific installation:

There will be three large, backlit pieces of drafting film floating from the ceiling in the middle of the exhibition space. My installation called plastic turmoil is an experiment of layers of materials and colors, superposition and exposure. Ink colors condensate and vanish, sheer areas appear. Delicate, fragmental drawings grow out of color fields. Drawn elements of plastic wrapping materials and plastic bags capture the plastic material of the artwork itself and create artificial nature illusions. 

JoanaArtIn this concept everything circles around the gearing of color, fragmental drawings, light and space. Generally, the materials originate from technical and industrial coherencies (LED light, plastic materials) which enactment breathes a poetic buoyancy and softness. It is a constructive skeleton, that encounters translucent and transparent materials, and which joins together in an overall context. The context of plastic in our environment.

In order to be able to realize this project, I need your support! Please help me make this project become a great success by donating today!

Your support will help me cover my shipping costs, marketing materials, travel, accommodations, and being present at the fair for five days.

In return, I have some wonderful rewards for you:

For a donation of $25 will get you a small, hand-signed photograph of my installation at (e)merge Art Fair.

For a donation of $50 will get you a beautiful tote bag with a print of one of my artworks.

For a donation of $100 will get you an original ink on paper drawing.

For a donation of $250, you will get a signed limited edition print of my installation ‘plastic turmoil’ installed at (e)merge Art Fair. It will be a run of 20 prints in the size of 16 x 20 inches.

And for a donation of $500, you will get a signed limited edition print of my artwork ‘rise‘. It will be a run of 20 prints in the size of 24 x 36 inches.


Joana Fischer is a German-born artist currently living and working in Miami, Florida. Selected recent group exhibitions include ‘Nordart 2014’, Karlshuette, Germany; ‘All Florida Contemporary’, Baker Museum, Naples, FL; ‘Urbanism: Perceived and interpreted’, Coral Gables Museum, Miami, FL; ‘Paper works’, Black square gallery, Miami, Fl (all 2014); ’62nd all Florida exhibition’, Boca Raton Museum of Art, Boca Raton, FL, ‘Drawing today!’ Gallery Robert Drees, Hannover, Germany; ‘Art Wynwood’, Bakehouse booth, Miami, FL (all 2013); She will have a solo exhibition at Swenson Gallery, Bakehouse Art Complex, Miami, Fl in April 2015.

Visit Joana Fischer for more information.

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