Michelle Ortiz Dunbar of Room Design In A Box is Today’s Honoree

MichelleOrtizImagine being able to work with a high end interior designer from the comfort of your own home, even though he or she is miles away… Now imagine having this designer help you plan those spaces in your home that need help, for far less than you would EVER pay to hire a full service interior designer in your area. You have just imagined the reality of Room Design In A Box.

My name is Michelle Dunbar and I’ve been creating beautiful residential and commercial spaces for over twenty one years on both the East and West Coast. Several years ago I had a client who traveled often and wanted to personalize her homes while she was there. Each time I asked her for photos and measurements and I delivered a complete design for her, including a shopping list of where to find the items she’d need to create the look- all close to her location or online. Just that easily, Room Design In A Box was born.

Together with a team of design assistants, we can help you completely design your home for less, one room at a time!

I’m AZ’s Premiere Interior Designer where I deliver my clients design with their finger print on it, blending rich layers of textural elegance, sophisticated colors and unexpected accents to create a unique look you can’t wait to come home to.

We offer a full service of design options to take your interior to the next level of luxury. From small differences in walls and furnishings, to larger, more dramatic changes in architectural features, themes and cabinetry, allow me to come into your world and transform it to the “new and exciting” version of its former self.

Visit Michelle Ortiz Dunbar for more information.

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1 Response to Michelle Ortiz Dunbar of Room Design In A Box is Today’s Honoree

  1. Thank you for the honor and the write up!

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