Project Treasure CEO Kim Freid is Today’s Honoree

KimFreidKim Freid is the CEO of Project Treasure, an online system that lets one create a very unique gift for a loved one – a keepsake chest  filled with special notes from friends and family. As a mother and former president of a large corporate housing company, Kim has been making similar keepsake boxes for loved ones for many years, and decided to turn her personal way of spreading love and joy into something meaningful. Kim has dedicated her life to helping those who are less fortunate and that need an extra special sentiment to get through an illness, maybe a challenging life event or simply need to smile.

Project Treasure was created with the goal of changing lives. The company donates funds from every purchase to help the families of children fighting life-threatening illnesses. The concept is simple. Parents, caregivers and other loved ones gives people the ability to create and ship a love-filled “treasure chest” of personal notes from friends/family that celebrates or supports a significant moment in ones’ life. Each chest is handcrafted from sustainable bamboo and filled with heartfelt notes printed on archival paper, making each chest a keepsake designed to last for generations. Hundreds have benefited from the gift of ‘boxed’ love

The Project Treasure for Evan Thornton was delivered on Tuesday. Although he was in very bad shape, he appeared to be happy about it and could muster enough energy to read three letters. Tina and Olivia Keller who arranged and delivered the Project Treasure box to Evan were in tears, and it will be a moment they never forget. Evan’s 13th birthday just went by and his mom, dad, brother, sister, relatives, friends are all hoping he can have that celebration, but according to mom it’s a day to day wish. His doctor in early July informed parents that he has maybe through the summer. This is one example of the impact Kim and her team is making to kids around the world.

Project Treasure has now donated close to $20k through their hero program. Project Treasure recently formed a new partnership with The company will continue the Hero program along with partnering with which gives soldiers a second chance at ‘life’ as they come back from active duty.

Visit Project Treasure for more information.

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1 Response to Project Treasure CEO Kim Freid is Today’s Honoree

  1. Tina Keller says:

    The beautiful treasure box for Evan was delivered the second week of August. He did get to celebrate his birthday which was on August 26. His heavenly birthday is September 12.
    R.I.P Evan.
    Although, Olivia and myself only met him once when we delivered the treasure box, we felt we knew him a lifetime through his fb site and caringbridge site postings.

    Congrats Kim and thank you again for your generousity with being Olivia’s unofficial sponsor.

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