2nd Grade Teacher Adrienne Boykin is Today’s Honoree

AdrienneBoykinMrs. Adrienne M. Boykin is proud to serve as your 2nd Grade Reading Teacher. She is a native of Montgomery, Alabama and a graduate of Sidney Lanier High School. Mrs. Boykin attended Faulkner University where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. She is a recipient of the Elementary Education Award and a proud member of Kappa Delta Pi (National Educator’s Honor Society).

Mrs. Boykin believes that the purpose of an educator is to aid children in developing their own knack for success in life. An educator should seek to identify and address the particular learning style, talent, interest, and need of each child. Mrs. Boykin further believes that all students have the potential to learn, even though not all children learn at the same rate or in the same manner.

Not only does Mrs. Boykin aspire to expose students to various ideas, methods, and strategies that will be of assistance to them throughout their educational process, she aspires to mold every student into a “lifelong learner.” There is one quote, by William Arthur Ward, that sums up everything Mrs. Boykin believes teaching entails;

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

Visit Adrienne Boykin for more information.

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