Laurie Brown-Nagin the founder of Operation ResCUTE is Today’s Honoree

RescueLaurie is the founder of Operation ResCUTE, a non-profit start-up designed to educate and encourage children and their parents to adopt shelter dogs and provide them loving homes. The goal: to adopt homeless dogs over buying them at unregulated pet shops.

The Humane Society estimates that animal shelters care for six-to-eight million dog and cats every year in the United States.  Each year, an estimated 2.7 million of these healthy shelter pets never get adopted. Only 30 percent of pets in households come from shelters or rescue organizations.

Operation ResCUTE mission is to educate and encourage young children and their parents to think about adopting shelter dogs in need of a loving home.

To raise awareness and help turn the tide, Operation ResCUTE sells a line of illustrated children’s books, a stuffed toy dog and stickers in a gift box intended to both educate and encourage children and their parents to consider adopting sheltered dogs rather than purchasing them through puppy mills or pet stores.,100% of all proceeds will go to dog shelters.

Visit Laurie Brown-Nagin for more information.


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