Jason D. Etheridge, AKA Mr. E! The Motivator! is Today’s Honoree

ETheMotivatorEducator, Consultant and Activist, Jason D. Etheridge, also known as Mr. E! The Motivator! is a rising force in the field of student engagement. His highly energetic, musical and up-lifting live performances are connecting students, parents and teachers to their full potentials as they relate to their roles in success in children.

Mr. E’s inspiring music like “Exceeding & I Know It,” “Study Hard,” and “Teach Me How to Study” are being played in classrooms around the country each day as tools for teachers and inspiration for students. Mr. E! The Motivator’s shows use popular entertainment, dance, humor, inspiring stories, life experiences, student & teacher engagement, and pure electricity to motivate each of his audiences’ senses.

Having experience working in elementary, middle and high school levels, Mr. E! The Motivator! brings the correct perspective for all levels while achieving the goals of inspiring all to find their starting line, overcome their obstacles, and fight for success.

Visit Mr.E! The Motivator!  for more information.  

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