Lex Lu is Today’s Honoree

lexluThe musical sound of Cali born recording artist, Lex Lu, A.K.A. Alexis Boyd, is fun and playful. Signed to Kool Kids Ink, Lex Lu is an energetic, vibrant, and well rounded artist who dances and writes all of her songs. Instantly recognized by her unique vibe and attention grabbing personality and fro hairstyle, her charisma comes through in her music whether she is rapping or singing. Lex Lu’s debut album, “The Adventures of Lex Lu” features upbeat tracks like “Weirdo,” “Money,” and “Clouds,” which are relatable and inspirational in a motivational way.

Lex Lu’s authentic, real talk delivery gets her messages through in a clear and colorful way. “Weirdo” will leave you celebrating who you are with pride no matter what makes you different. “Money” will inspire any woman to go out and get paid. Listening to “Clouds,” will increase your determination to reach success and overcome obstacles.

Lex Lu’s music will make you have fun while also giving you something to think about. She is an artist with drive that is determined to stay relevant while staying true to herself. Make sure to follow her if you can keep up.

Visit Lex Lu for more information.

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