Tetrachromat Artist Concetta Antico is Today’s Honoree

ConcettaAs one of the world’s only discovered Tetrachromat artists, Concetta Antico lives in a world of color as nearly no one else in the world can experience. Processing over *100 million colors* – 100 times more than the average human, Concetta is a woman of interest who not only is excited to share her newly discovered medical backing, but also her gift of color through art. As a painter, her art allows collectors and viewers to experience the world as she does.

In 2013, it was uncovered through scientific study that this brilliant artist was able to process colors differently and more deftly than the average human brain, due to having an additional color receptor in her eyes, which then sends extra color information to her brain. An additional study on Antico has been going on since early 2014, and the ground-breaking
results of this new exploration have recently been announced.

Currently, Concetta resides in San Diego where she sells her work to private collectors and prepares for her solo exhibition at the Woman’s museum. Aside from her art and tetrachromacy, Concetta is a person that once you meet, you will never forget— she truly lives life in vivid color. With this new discovery, she will show the world that there is more than what meets the eye.

Visit Concetta Antico for more information.

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