WBLS Program Director Skip Dillard is Today’s Honoree

SkipDillard Skip Dillard is the Program Director at WBLS in NYC and is one of the most respected programmers in the business.  WBLS is an Urban Adult station in the Number 1 market in the United States.

Skip has reinvented himself several times over the years becoming skillful in various aspects of the industry machine. Dillard programmed WBLK in Buffalo for several years then went on to Program in San Francisco as well as DC and he even held down the urban editor position at Billboard magazine for a while.

How did Skip get started in radio?

“I started in commercial radio while a student at Hampton in 1988 at WOWI-FM Norfolk and outside of 2003 when I spent a year as Top40/Urban Editor for Billboard Magazine’s Airplay Monitor, radio has been my career focus.”

Why does Skip give back?

“I enjoy sharing my love and belief in the power of radio with everyone from college students, to advertisers and community leaders!”

Skips Specialties are Management, Research Analysis, Urban, Rhythmic Top 40 and Urban AC format programming experience. RCS/Selector, talent coaching and editorial writing. Skip Dillard can also read music.

Under Skip Dillard’s reign WBLS has been gaining ratings with a weekday lineup that includes Steve Harvey, former Kiss personalities Shaila Scott and Lenny Green, comedian Earthquake and co-host Deja-Vu. Skip Dillard also oversees gospel sister station WLIB.

Visit Skip Dillard for more information.

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