True Model Management Founder Dale Noelle is Today’s Honoree

Dale Noelle

Dale Noelle

Dale’s mission is to educate the world on how to achieve and maintain a healthy body and youthful glow without going to extremes.

Dale understands the challenging demands of balancing work, physical fitness, family and fun so wellness of body and mind needs to be incorporated into quick and simple daily routines.   Exercises, stretching, breathing deeply and healthy eating can be infused into everything you do so getting to the gym or having a specific daily workout is not as crucial to your health and well-being.

Dale encourages grazing on healthy snacks throughout the day, eating balanced meals and avoiding dramatic diets which ultimately hurt you. Simple adjustments to the way you approach daily tasks can make a dramatic difference in the way you look and feel.


  • Take stairs instead of elevators
  • Take slow, deep breaths
  • Stand tall with stomach and gluteus muscles engaged.
  • Keep even weight on feet with hips and shoulders level, tighten all muscles as much as you can and then release and repeat while standing still ,waiting on a lines, etc.,
  • Walk home from the office/grocery/shopping and lift and lower bags to tone your arms and back,
  • Squats while washing/conditioning your hair and cleaning the shower with a squeegee,
  • Sit on a ball at your desk instead of a chair,
  • Stretch before you get out of bed every morning and before you go to bed at night
  • Park farther from building entrances and walk briskly to your destination,
  • Carry a refillable glass bottle of water with fruit or herbs inside (add a spring of rosemary, mint leaves, cinnamon stick, lemon or orange slices, etc.),
  • Join a sports team for fun (even if you never played the sport before, most organized athletic leagues offer beginner options),
  • Carry at least one healthy snack in your bag (nuts, apple)
  • Choose exercises that are easy on your joints and strengthen without causing bulk; yoga is a great option.


  • Eat if you are not hungry,
  • Sit if you can stand,
  • Impulsively grab empty calorie and/or sugary snacks,
  • Deny yourself of your favorite fattening foods (but do limit portions and/or only eat them once a week).

Dale expresses the importance of drinking plenty of water, eating greens, eating less pasta, bread, sugar, red meat  and dairy as simple lifestyle changes that improve your metabolism, increase energy and positive emotions as well as tone muscles. 

Visit Dale Noelle for more information. 

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