Natlux Magazine Editor Ron Johnson is Today’s Honoree

NatLuxMagRon Johnson represents rising from the bottom, the profound destruction of obstacles: the type of story built by a foundation of hard work. He has achieved some impressive goals, he is highly motivated, responsible, hardworking, conscientious, a man of vision and determination with over 20 years’ experience as a designer and concept visionary. His belief is that the future is shaped by dreams he also believes that it’s okay to be different and to think outside the proverbial box. Having grown up on the south side of Chicago after high school Ron became an engineer, by the time he was 21 he added electrician to his resume which prepared him for his next venture. With the encouragement of self-worth at 30 he retired to pursue a career as a custom furniture designer.

Ron’s designs and custom art furniture is appreciated in some of the finest homes across the country from traditional, contemporary, to exotic pieces that utilized custom lighting and water features. In 2004 he founded Effective Development Programs LLC, a school concept that is an intentional, pro-social approach that engages youths in a manner that is productive and constructive; recognizes, utilizes, and enhances youth’s strengths. It promotes positive outcomes for young people by providing opportunities, fostering positive relationships, and furnishing the support needed to build on their leadership strengths. Additionally Ron also fashioned the Naturell luxury brand clothing line: Ron Johnson luxury wears™ for women and recently the NATLUXMAG online magazine.

And because Ron understands that greatness comes from seeing around corners, doing the right things, and being unwavering in his beliefs. He saw where alcohol consumption and licensing were heading, his research prompted him to take bold moves, and steer his energy and his newly formed companies in bold new directions. And after ten years in the making, Ron is conquering the alcohol world with Naturell the world’s first interactive luxury cocktail brand and Llerutan Distributing an independent alcohol wholesales company. To get to where he is Ron had to face many continual obstacles and roadblocks. Like repeatedly being told he would never amount to anything as a child, dealing with new age Jim Crow, being told he did not belong, shrink his vision, all because of his pigmentation. A major high-end furniture store that subsequently went out of business told Ron they wanted some of his designs on their showroom floor but without his name on them.

When it came to Ron’s luxury cocktail brand, he was called a joke, friends, and people in the industry whispered behind his back. A prominent law firm signed him as a client, they set a meeting with a so-called business advisor who told them they were wasting their time. And because Ron ignited a bigoted vitriol when he applied for a liquor wholesales license. He witnessed firsthand Arizona’s deep-rooted ingrained racist issues and actions within its culture and politics, through the Nazi practice of extreme bullying / intimidation, by certain individuals in a particular government agency. Who in the face of inexcusable efforts over a five year period constantly, disrupted his business by repeatedly over stepping their duties and abusing their power, to smear his name and image, all to prevent him from obtaining / keeping his alcohol wholesalers license. Because outside of pushing a broom or running with a ball, the thought of Ron controlling the distribution of his own alcohol brand was something they could not comprehend because it was above their pay grade.

(Ron states that black men have been marginalized for years, and he’s tired of it. He says we can offer things to the world, and yet we have people in power that want to keep us in positions that don’t allow us to present our talents to the world). He takes it very personal,” he says he fill sorry for those people that fear his mind and his abilities. Since they cannot stop him they do every unethical thing they can to make you catch a case, so they can see your dreams can fade away. Rather than see you living the life they could only dream of because you pursued your passions.

As for his detractors, Ron did not have time to stress. Because of his faith, passion and the determination to succeed he stayed focused and at the drawing board coming up with new products to manufacture, that would alleviate problems within alcohol that the competition had not solved, and products that are simply better. And because of his focus, passion and determination to succeed the world, took notice.

In 2009 the Naturell brand competed and won a bronze medal, at the prestige’s San Francisco World Spirit Competition, which was an exceptional win considering the fact that Ron’s brand competed against hundreds of well-known brands placing third behind an internationally known brand, that’s been on the market since the 1860’s.

Visit Ron Johnson for more information.

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