Founder Steven Machat is Today’s Honoree

StevenMachatSteven Machat, the Founder/Owner of – as he is proudly committed to serving as the people’s portal to the legalization and production of all things derived from cannabis and hemp.

They are an organization of the people that recognizes the natural harmony between man and mother nature, and that passionately believes in the physiological, psychological and sociological benefits derived from the many producible forms of this plant.

Through, he plans to cultivate and produce product lines in Cannabis top genetic Indica and Sativa strains for both medical and recreational marijuana patients and consumer users.

Aside from Legalizepot.usMachat has been a worldwide entertainment attorney, music publisher, manager of music talent and record label owner as well as film producer amongst other commercial endeavors. His clients have included Electric Light Orchestra, Ozzy Osbourne, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Leonard Cohen, Phil Spector, Stacey Jackson, Snoop Dogg, Bobby Brown, Manu DiBango and Rita Lee.

 Machat is an American entertainment attorney and the producer of Bird on a Wire, the documentary film of the Leonard Cohen 1972 European tour.

His book, Gods, Gangsters, and Honour, gained a lot of publicity and interest after it was released in the UK as it described the behind-the-scenes lifestyle of the entertainment world and industry leaders. Working with top tier musicians and handling the backend of the glamorous lives we depict to be each and every day, Machat’s first-hand experience inspired him to embrace a political system that goes back to the roots of Man.

Machat created The Wheel Party in 2011 using his second book, Man, Community & Living the American Dream as a foundation – focusing on a non-political people movement whose goal is to bring America back in line with the principles of the United States Declaration of Independence. He lectures throughout numerous universities across Europe and aims to reinvent the political system and bring it back to its roots.

. us is another branch of Machat’s entrepreneurial projects, which focuses on informing and educating the community and serve as the people’s portal to the legalization and production of all things derived from cannabis and hemp. Covering topics such as economic stimulation and profit and management in connecting the growers of legalized weeds in states where they are allowed, is a revolutionary online portal.

With Steven Machat’s unique professional background and firsthand experiences within the music world, The Wheel Party and are both one-of-a-kind instances that communicate to the community directly and focus on the Man aspect of each individual.

About Steven Machat:

Steven Machat is a self-taught renaissance man. He was educated to be one of the officers and gatekeepers that separated those who control the community of fellow Man from the community itself. Under this brainwashing school system Steven became well versed in economic class warfare. His days as an entrepreneur in the entertainment industry were lived with an underlying desire to feel and experience man throughout his travels producing, protecting, marketing, and promoting the artistic talents of his clients. He has done this on a worldwide level and feels so blessed to be able to share his experiences, his understandings and knowledge of Man and Man’s diverse lives.

Visit Legalize Pot for more information.

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