Photographer Atalia Katz is Today’s Honoree

AtaliaExhibited in Africa, New York, Scarsdale, Denver, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv, Atalia Katz’ pieces reinvent the traditional photograph and truly bring the subjects to life.

Atalia Katz, freelance photographer based in both Tel Aviv and New York City, who captures the alluring essence of moments, individuals, and events through her lens. With a passionate love for humanity and unique perspective, Katz incorporates the elements and principles of an aesthetically pleasing composition, highlighting every detail of the moment she captures.

Atalia1Her portfolio consists of documentary shots, portraits, nature, and around the world – highlighting the subjects and events we treasure the most. Katz states, “I view photography as another dimension, alongside writing, that provides me with the primary tools for expressing my inner self, the excitement of discovery and the exhilaration of creation every day.” Tying in composition, interesting hues and leading lines, Katz’ portfolio embraces the true artistic form of a photograph.

Visit Atalia Katz for more information.


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