Scott Free of City Takers is Today’s Honoree

City Takers founder, Scott “Free” Ballauf, knows firsthand the need of the Gospel in the urban culture. Growing up in the hip-hop culture of Miami, FL Scott was drawn to the lifestyle portrayed by hip-hop artist of the times offering the “lust of the flesh and the pride of life”.

Scott Free

He soon began to rap and had a love for the music but also found himself in trouble with the law. After moving to Atlanta in 1999 he soon accepted Christ in the spring of 2000 and placed his aspirations of becoming a hip-hop artist on hold believing that was his “old man”.

After an introduction to Christian Hip Hop through a friend Scott realized he could impact people with his talent to rhyme and was introduced to Empty Vessel Music who used music to do outreaches in urban communities. Scott performed for the first time again in the Projects of Downtown Atlanta but his true calling was yet to come. One evening at Safe House Ministries, an outreach for the homeless in Atlanta,

Scott Free

Scott was all set to rap when he was called on to preach because the speaker for the night was a no-show. Scott reluctantly accepted the challenge and since has preached all over the United States and in many countries such as Haiti, Hungary and Bolivia.

From a heart to serve became a door way to saving more souls and unify the body of Christ through preaching the unchanging word of God & Hip Hop music. Scott Free has since then birth Freestyle Missions which has become what we know as City Takers.

Visit Scott Free for more information.

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